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Wedding Photographer in Louisville

Louisville wedding photography is a specialty of mine and I have shot over 150 weddings in my career. Being a wedding photographer is not for the inexperienced, as so much goes in to the day including knowing how to plan out the shoots to cover so many events and handle many different lighting situations. I have shot everywhere in Louisville, beautiful hotels such as The Brown Hotel, The Seelbach and 21 C as well as more rustic places such as Black Acre Farm and Locust Grove. I have even done many shoots on water such as the CQ Princess and The Bell of Louisville.

I have also done a lot of destination wedding photography and get to incorporate my love of travel photography as well as wedding photography!

A great way for us to get to know each other is through an engagement session which is included in many of my wedding photography packages.  Please give Creative Photography a call to set up a free consultation

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